Celebration of Life Dance Parties


What is a celebration of life party?

This is a modern trending unique celebration where a person may have a terminal medical diagnosis but is still perhaps a few months away from becoming incapacitated. This type of celebration is a highly uplifting opportunity for family and friends to gather round and show this person how much he or she has impacted their lives. I can tell you from personal experience that this is a very positive and favorable experience for the person that is currently suffering.
The joy that is felt and the love in the room is truly remarkable. We cherish the opportunity to be a part of this joyful family experience. There are tears of sadness along with tears of joy. When you leave an event like this your life will be transformed forever. An event like this can be a surprise (organized by family and friends) or an event that is hosted by the person whose life is being celebrated.
We can offer you themed party ideas which may include Dj musical entertainment, event lighting rental, karaoke and slide show or video presentations that are custom designed to personify the life of the guest of honor.
We understand that this type of celebration may be of a shock to some. But the benefits to all will be lasting positive memories that will provide a source of relief for difficult times. Talk to us today to setup a free consultation.

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Dj Stever