Milwaukee Wedding Dj Services

You’re  vision is our mission You have a perceived vision of your perfect wedding day. How do you get there? Perhaps you hire an experienced wedding planner but they can only do so much You also will need to acquire an experienced Dj Entertainment service specialist. A service that is seasoned and experienced in the wedding entertainment industry. An experienced Dj wedding entertainment specialist is qualified to give you feedback from numerous events regarding what types of things were well received as well as what to avoid when planning your event. Bringing this wealth of experience to the table will help you achieve your goal of hosting a unique personalized story book wedding day experience. This Milwaukee Wedding Dj service will be well rehearsed in exactly how to execute all facets of the entertainment portion of your Wedding day! When you’re wedding day arrives you want the assurance that the schedule of events is on target. Today is a day for you to enjoy  and take part in the celebrating festivities with your family and honored guests! Let us handle it from here. You are in good hands.
Dj Stever.
Tracer Celebration Dj Entertainment is uniquely qualified to accomplish this by taking time to get to know you, members of your family and the wedding party. Perhaps you would like a voice over from your father for the ceremony procession song or maybe at the dance for the father daughter or for the mother son dance song selection. Couples that are standing up may have a song clip that accentuates their individual styles. Do you need to rehearse a special unique family dance?  We make the time to meet with you as often as you deem necessary and will appear at your rehearsal if requested. Don’t have time to meet in person? Then perhaps we can schedule a video chat.
Accommodating  Cocktail and Dinner Music Once we are finished setting up, the  music begins  until the completion of the event ( No Dead Air Time ) this is a courtesy service we offer our clients at no extra charge. Music over the cocktail hour is played a modest level so that your guests can carry on conversations at a normal tone. You may choose the genre’ or style you like with your FREE exclusive access to Gigbuilder (rated as the best event planning and music playlist creation tool in the entire wedding industry.)  Many choices are available for the cocktail music which may include: adult contemporary, big band, instrumental or easy listening with soft pop and country.

The Reception Dance Is The Pinnacle Of The Evening

The excitement is mounting and your guests are eager to participate. The playlist you created and approved is ready to go well in advance. The playlist was effortless created with your personal online event planning program Gigbuilder. You cannot believe how simple it was to create it! You gave the go ahead for guest requests,How do we accommodate them if they were just released?As an additional added bonus for our valued clients we have a subscription to Spotify for the best and newest dance song selections available.
Tracer’s Wedding Dj Entertainers do not simply push play and become invisible; they are passionate about entertaining and excel at interacting with your guests regarding requests and suggestions for fun filled activities which may be unique to your group of friends. We are prepared at a moment’s notice to change things up to match what the crowd is hungry for.  “Fun is what you make of it! We make fun!”

Emergency Dj Entertainment Service

Did your Wedding Dj Cancel at the last minute?

Don’t worry ; We offer Emergency DJ Servicesthat can offer rescue to a potential entertainment failure.We have thousands of the most popular songs and have Spotify to access the ones we may not have. With over 34 years of experience we are prepared for improvising on a moment’s notice.
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