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Answer:I would have to say it is thepassion, dedication and creativity we offer to the success of our clients’ celebrations. Our primary focus is on quality of events not the number. Premium prices, remarkable quality and fewer events allow us to block out large portions of time to service the events we do have booked “we truly love what we do.” We do not play the bid for the cheapest price game. We believe we offer specialized and pampered service that commands a considerable amount of time and resources. Tracer Celebration Dj Entertainment provides extraordinary services to accommodate a niche’ market. (Intendedfor those who want the very best Wisconsin dj entertainment available)The extra efforts and resources put into the planning, communication with relevant vendors, event planners and unlimited personal correspondences.

Answer: 90% of our business is dedicated to wedding ceremonies and entertainment!

Mid May through September is our “wedding season”, we try to make ourselves available to our wedding clients during this time period for last minute changes, rehearsal appearances and testing equipment.

Answer:34 and counting. To be a quality polished Dj Entertainer nothing beats experience.

Every dj service experiences ups and downs and may experience a few “train wrecks.” Equipment failure can be a biggie. Not only may you experience problems with equipment but with shorted out outlets or outlets that deliver an electrical pop noise you simply cannot get rid of. This can be a problem with the venue but the dj service often eats the cost with a substantial reduction in price.

“When you experience a failure it is an opportunity to grow to perfect your craft by adding safeguards and initiating diversion practices to prevent future problems.”

Answer:Good news! With Tracer Celebration Dj Entertainment you may choose 100% of your music for your wedding ceremony and reception. In fact we offer our client’s complimentary access to the best event planning service in the industryGigbuilder. You can effortlessly plan all the details of your entire event online without all of the paperwork. Clients love the ease of finding music for their wedding day and dragging and dropping songs to their playlists. This service providesinvaluable continuous communication between the client and the assigned Dj Representative. Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94yIsW-Bzv8 to see an overview of Gigbuilder.

Answer: Yes! In fact this is the number one concern that is expressed at the initial interview. We make certain our clients are assured that we will not only take requests but play them as well.

With Gigbuilder you can allow friends and family to access your playlist and the huge music database that is associated with this service. We can even accept texted requests at the event live on the fly.

As a client you may choose who can access the system how many requests you will allow and you can view their request to see if they are appropriate.

Answer:Yes we do,you may visit our current specials pricing page here. (Ari, please insert hyperlink here to current specials page)

Or you may choose a customized entertainment plant that best suits your needs. We would be thrilled to discuss your conception of your perfect fairytale vision.

Answer:Absolutely! Relevant, recent contact information will be provided @ your request.